Woods Map Guide – ALL NEWS ABOUT GAMES (2024)

The Woods is a huge map consisting of open wide spaces, trees, bunkers, cabins, and hills. However, due to its size, it’s also often a bit confusing and it’s easy to get lost.

There is a lot of loot in this map and an equal amount of Scav spawns. But you can avoid the Scavs by hiding behind the trees and bushes for cover.

So if you’re trying to navigate your way through the wilderness, then don’t worry as we’ve got you covered.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the boss battle, important loot spots, and also the extraction points in the Woods map.

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Best Loot Spots

Although you can find loot throughout the whole map, there are 8 spots in particular where you can find the best loot. But bear in mind that these spots are equally dangerous as well, with one even being a spawn for the map boss.

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Military Camp

Right north of the RUAF Roadblock, you can find the Military Camp. This place is mostly full of rations and meds, but you can also find ammunition and guns. So If you spawn near the RUAF Roadblock, just head quickly to the camp to begin your scavenger hunt. Beware of Scav spawns in the vicinity though.

Old Sawmill

North of the Northern UN Roadblock is the Old Sawmill. It is a big area to cover but has good loot in it including guns, toolboxes, technical supplies, and rations, making it worth exploring.

Scav Town

If you keep heading north from the Old Sawmill area, you will enter Scav Town. It is densely populated with loot so it is a great place to head to. Though be warned, Scav also spawns in that area, but that was to be expected keeping in mind the fortune that awaits you here.

Abandoned Village

Head Northeast of the Bridge Car Extract and you will find this Abandoned Village. It does not have as much loot as Scav Town, but it’s still enough to make it worth a visit. You can also kill some Scav spawns in the area for their loot as well.

Scav Bunker

If you take the path South of the Scav Bridge, you will find the Scav Bunker which also has plenty of good loot waiting for you. And just near that, there are also two places connected by a small path both of which have loot and Scavs.


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Keep heading south and you will soon reach the USEC Camp where you can find armor spawn, guns, weapon mods, and more. Plus there aren’t any Scav spawns here either. The best part is there are three PMC spawns around the USEC Camp, so you can head there early on if you pop up there.


Just north of the Military Camp a little ahead along the shore of the lake is the Sawmill. It is one of the biggest loot points but also the spawn point of the Woods map boss, Shturman. We would advise against heading there if you are not ready to face the boss and his two followers.

Mountain Stash

Not the best spot for looting, though a great vantage point that looks over the whole map. There is also a Sniper Scav on the mountain and an Extract point for Scavs only.

Boss Shturman

The map boss is called Shturman. He is one deadly enemy that is devastating at long ranges. He has two followers along with him, both carrying long-range weapons.

Most people would be cautious dealing with Shturman and his followers from a distance since they carry long-range weapons. But neither the boss nor his followers wear any helmets, so it’s possible to gun them down with a headshot from far away, given that you’re confident in your abilities.

But if you have doubts, the best bet is to get in close and keep moving because he can easily snipe you if you stay still at one spot too long. Keep in mind that the followers and the boss can switch between semi-automatic weapons too. The followers in particular are armed with grenades as well.

Take out the boss first then the followers, because if you kill his minions before him, he will hide in the shed.

  • Note: The followers can flank you while you are engaged with Shturman.

Extraction Points

With a map this big, there are a lot of extraction points, though some can only be taken if you are spawned across them. Usually, a green smoke signals that these extracts are open and can be taken to escape the map.

Bridge Car Extract

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Probably the best extract to take once you have looted your way from south to north. You need 3000 roubles to use it though, so you better keep it handy. Only 4 people can take this extract so it is of limited usage.

RUAF Roadblock

A green smoke at the RUAF Roadblock means that this extract is open and can be taken. Anyone can take this extract just make sure that it shows a green signal/smoke to you otherwise you can’t use it.


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Right, South of the USEC Camp near the Scav house is the Outskirts extract point. This one is also free to use for everyone, also it is pretty much in the clear so a great way to escape.

UN Roadblock

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This extract is also free for everyone, though you can only take it if you spawn across the map from it.


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The bunker can be found north of the Outskirts extract point and east of the Sawmill area. You need the ZB-014 key to access this extract, which can be found in the Customs map. Anyone with the key can use this extract as well.

Factory Gate

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This is one extract in Woods map no one uses because of its requirement to have a Scav Player and PMC player to enter together. It is between the UN Roadblock and the RUAF Roadblock.

Northern UN Roadblock

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This is a PMC only extract point and can only be accessed if you spawn across from it in the map.

The Boat and Dead Man’s Place

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These are two separate Scav extracts but they are both really close to each other on the western coast of the lake/pond.

Eastern Rocks

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Eastern Rocks is right beside the Northern UN extract and is Scav only.

Mountain Stash

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This extract is right at the Mountain Stash though it can only be used by the Scav faction.

Old Station

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When you head north from the UN Roadblock, the first building you see is the Old Station. Just keep in mind that this is a Scav only extract.

Scav Bridge

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North of the Scav Bunker and west of the Old Abandoned Village is the Scav Bridge extract. It can only be taken by the Scav faction though.

Scav Bunker

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The Scav Bunker itself houses an extract for Scav players.

Scav House

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Just a bit north of the Outskirts extract you can find the Scav House. It is easy to spot and hard to miss, though it’s a Scav extract only.


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Another bunker near the Old Station is a PMC player-only extract. You can only use it if the green smoke is visible to you.

Final Thoughts

We think that the Woods map in Escape from Tarkov is one of the best for safe looting. The vast distances between areas, tons of looting spots, and plenty of covers provide players with great opportunities. Hopefully, this guide can help you navigate this big and confusing map and allow you to find your way through the wilderness.

Woods Map Guide – ALL NEWS ABOUT GAMES (2024)


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