Junior Software Engineer @ Wiley Edge | Simplify (2024)

Locations:United States - we are looking for candidates who are flexible to working onsite in multiple locations across the United States.

Salary:$48,000 - $63,000 USD

Want to start your career as a Java Developer?

Paid graduate training, ongoing support, opportunities at leading global employers – the Alumni graduate program gives you everything you need. (And don’t worry, there’s no training bond. No exit fees, no hidden catches).

Here at mthree, we pair great graduates with brilliant global businesses. Our clients include tier one investment banks and other organizations across a range of industries, from insurance to healthcare to travel.

As part of the mthree Alumni program, mthree has an exciting and exclusive partnership with Columbia Univ. School of Engineering.All mthree Alumni are eligible to receive two Executive Education certificates from Columbia Engineering as part of their Academy and industry placement experience at no cost. Further, all participating Alumni will have access to the Columbia Engineering network and ongoing training.

What you’ll do:

As a software developer with mthree, you’ll build complex applications in a global team environment.

You’ll love seeing the impact you make when code you’ve written launches to the people who need it. If you stay on the lookout for new ways to get better results through software development, you’ll become an asset to your team.

How the Alumni program works:

  1. Apply via this job advert.
  2. Complete our assessment process.
  3. Get trained at mthree Academy in an online class for 4-8 weeks with other graduates. Focusing on Java, or other languages depending on which coding languages our clients are looking for at the time.
  4. Join a mthree client for 12-24 months while receiving support and salary increases every 9 months.
  5. The vast majority then convert to permanent employees with the client at the end of the program.

What you’ll learn at the mthree Academy:

  • How to design, develop, and test a full-stack application.
  • How to demonstrate professionalism, including communication skills and personal interactions.
  • How to explain industry concepts at a high level.
  • An understanding of monitoring, supporting, and troubleshooting, and how it ties into good development processes.

What you’ll need:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related major
  • A GPA of 2.7 or higher. We look for potential, not prestige, but it’s important that you enjoy pushing yourself to pick up new ideas.
  • Experience with OOP (object-oriented programming).
  • Solid knowledge of software engineering principles (data structures, OOP, design patterns, multithreading).
  • Skills in troubleshooting and debugging.
  • Knowledge of database concepts (SQL, stored procs, schema design).
  • An understanding of the formal SDLC (software development lifecycle).
  • An understanding of test-driven development.
  • The right to work without needing visa sponsorship.

What you’ll get:

  • Fully paid, in-depth, interactive training in small classes with graduates like you. Our training is created and delivered by industry experts who know your field inside out.
  • A generous graduate salary.
  • Pay rises every 9 months to reflect your progress.
  • A flexible benefits package.
  • Ongoing training and support.
  • Valuable industry experience. Ultimately, a foot in the door to build your career in an in-demand niche.

How to apply:

  1. Apply via the form below and tell us a bit about you.
  2. Complete the online assessment (we’ll send you a link by email).
  3. Complete the interviews with our friendly talent team over phone and video.
  4. Lastly, you’ll interview with one or more of our clients.

So you don’t miss out on your dream job, we encourage you to be open to relocating.

At mthree, our values support courageous teammates, needle movers, and learning champions all while striving to support the health and well-being of all employees.  We take great pride in celebrating the diversity of each individual who contributes to making mthree the company it is today and will be in the future. We value diversity both within mthree and with our partner companies, and we’re proud to provide an environment where all our colleagues can flourish. That means promoting a strong culture of equality but, most importantly, inclusion

We are committed to fair, transparent pay, and we strive to provide competitive compensation in addition to a comprehensive benefits package.  The base pay rate for this position is $48,000- $63,000 USD.  This pay rate represents mthree’s good faith and reasonable estimate of the base pay for this role at the time of posting and based on the locations listed in the job advertisem*nt. It is anticipated that qualified candidates selected for a placement will receive this pay rate as a starting salary once onsite with the mthree client, however, the ultimate salary offered for this role may be higher or lower and will be set based on a variety of non-discriminatory factors, including but not limited to, geographic location, skills, and competencies.

The stated salary and benefits package will be received once the training in the mthree Academy has been successfully completed and the candidate starts on-site with the mthree client. Trainees are paid a stipend of $125 USD for each day of training they attend (training can be 4-8 weeks); trainees must complete the course to receive payment for training. Training durations vary depending on training pathways and will be disclosed during the recruitment process.

Applicants must be currently authorized to work in the United States on a full-time basis. The Company will not sponsor applicants for work visas.

Junior Software Engineer @ Wiley Edge | Simplify (2024)


What is the salary of Wiley SDE? ›

The average salary at Wiley for freshers varies from ₹7.0 Lakhs per year for Production Support Analyst to ₹8.5 Lakhs per year for Software Developer.

What is the highest salary for a junior software engineer? ›

Junior Software Engineer salary in India ranges between ₹ 1.6 Lakhs to ₹ 8.0 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 4.7 Lakhs.

How long are you considered a junior software engineer? ›

Typically, a junior developer has less than two years of professional experience and spends their day-to-day working on smaller tasks and projects under the watchful eye of a more experienced developer or team lead.

What level is junior software engineer? ›

L2 Engineer: Junior Engineer

As engineers transition from beginners to contributors with a semblance of experience, they move into the Level 2 software engineer or Junior Engineer role. At this stage, their knowledge begins to take shape, and their contributions become more impactful, albeit with some guidance.

Does Wiley pay well? ›

Average Wiley hourly pay ranges from approximately $17.97 per hour for Contact Center Engineer to $25.98 per hour for English Teacher.

What is the salary level of Apple SDE? ›

Average Apple Software Engineer salary in India is ₹37.5 Lakhs per year for employees with experience between 1 year to 10 years. Software Engineer salary at Apple ranges between ₹15.5 Lakhs to ₹55 Lakhs per year.

Is 100k a good salary for software engineer? ›

They often have over six years of experience and are more likely to be team leads. Only 10.2% of developers surveyed earn an annual salary of $100,000 or more.

What salary should I ask for junior software developer? ›

Junior Developer Salary in California
Annual SalaryMonthly Pay
Top Earners$114,480$9,540
75th Percentile$85,900$7,158
25th Percentile$66,100$5,508

At what age do software engineers make the most money? ›

Key findings:
  • Earnings peak around 45-50 years of age.
  • Racial minorities make up both the highest and lowest-paid developers.
  • Female software engineers earn ~10% lower salaries than their male counterparts, but professional experience explains most of the gap.

Is it hard to get a job as a junior software developer? ›

If you're wondering if it's hard to get a junior developer job, the answer is: it won't be a total walk in the park if you're new to tech, but if you're willing to work hard, it's definitely doable if you follow the steps below.

Is 40 to old to be a software engineer? ›

Some might choose to stick to coding until they're old and grey, happily churning out lines of Python or Java. Others might decide to switch careers altogether, pursuing their passions outside the realm of tech. But one thing's for sure — life after 40 isn't the end of the road for software engineers.

What comes after junior software engineer? ›

(4 - 6 Years Experience) After a Junior SWE has a few years under their belt, they can be promoted to Senior Software Engineer. Some organizations may even have a senior engineer working as a team leader in lieu of a Tech Lead or Engineering Manager.

How much does a junior software engineer make in the US? ›

The average salary for Junior Software Developer is $1,03,801 per year in the United States. The average additional cash compensation for a Junior Software Developer in the United States is $14,120, with a range from $10,590 - $19,768.

How long does it take to go from junior to senior software engineer? ›

As one progresses to Level 2 (Senior Software Engineer), a software engineer will become more responsible for designing, coding, and refactoring large applications, as well as mentoring more junior engineers. Typically, you'll need around three years of experience as a junior software engineer to reach this stage.

How do I go from junior software engineer to senior? ›

Let's look at some of the points and understand what skills senior developers need.
  1. Improve your coding skills. ...
  2. Understand the "Why" ...
  3. Review your code. ...
  4. Be a good leader. ...
  5. Understand user requirements. ...
  6. Brush up your communication skills. ...
  7. Be productive, and take up more responsibilities. ...
  8. Have a growth mindset.

What is the highest paying junior software engineer? ›

A junior software engineer's salary ranges from $59,000 a year at the 10th percentile to $101,000 at the 90th percentile.

What is the top entry level software engineer salary? ›

Entry Level Software Engineer Salary. $65,000 is the 25th percentile. Salaries below this are outliers. $120,000 is the 75th percentile.

What is the salary of a junior software engineer with 1 year experience? ›

Junior Software Engineer UK
Location6 months to 7 Jul 2024Same period 2023
10th Percentile£24,000£28,400
25th Percentile£26,125£32,500
Median annual salary (50th Percentile)£32,500£37,500
Median % change year-on-year-13.33%+7.14%
10 more rows

Which software engineer has the highest salary? ›

What is the highest paid software engineer job? From our research, it's clear that a cloud computing engineer is the best-paying role on average, with an annual salary of around $153,235. It's then closely followed by a backend engineer which has an average yearly salary of $133,072.


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