Escape From Tarkov Woods map guide - loot and key locations, extraction points, and more (2024)

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Escape From Tarkov is, to put it lightly, challenging. The challenge and the suspense that comes from never knowing if you are up against players or AI are part of what makes the game fun. When you are in dire need of loot or plan on going up against other players knowing everything you can about a map can give you a huge edge. This guide will cover all the basic information about the Woods map including extraction points, enemies, loot locations, bunkers, keys, popular player areas, and the boss.

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Map Layout

Escape From Tarkov Woods map guide - loot and key locations, extraction points, and more (1)

Woods is a beautiful map worthy of an A.A. Milne story, the problem is that in this version Winnie-the-Pooh and his pals have sniper rifles and want to turn you into a future zombie. Woods is a wide-open map with only a few buildings and lots of open space. This map does have some good loot but not as much as other maps like Factory. Most of the loot from this map will come from killing scavs and the boss. The map is centered around a lake and a sawmill that runs down the center of it.

There are eight important landmarks that every player should be aware of to help navigate the region, the lake, the lumber mill, the eastern wall, the crashed plane, the power plant, the scav house, the mountains, and the mountain spine. There are also several defunct tanks and a train scattered around the map but since you probably don’t have a Novinsk driver’s license you’ll just have to make do with walking around the woods.

Escape From Tarkov Woods map guide - loot and key locations, extraction points, and more (2)

The power plant is on the northern side of the map to the west of the lake. It is actually outside of the map but the tower of the power plant can be seen from most areas with a clear line of sight. The border that runs along the plant has three extraction points. The UN extraction point which is on the western end of the road running parallel to the plant is always open to all players.

Escape From Tarkov Woods map guide - loot and key locations, extraction points, and more (3)

The lake is difficult to miss as it takes up a large portion of the map. If you head north, east, or west from any direction you will either hit the lake or one of the outer walls of the map. If you hit a wall then chances are it is either the eastern wall or the power plant wall. If you hit a rock face, you’ve gone south and found the mountains.

The lake has a horseshoe shape to it which can be used to orient yourself. If you are facing the lake and it curves around to your left, you are on the eastern half of the map. If the lake is curving around to your right, you are on the western side of the map. If you are standing at the bottom of the curve and see the lake extending before you to the north outside of the map’s border, you are right in the center of the map and probably getting shot at.

Escape From Tarkov Woods map guide - loot and key locations, extraction points, and more (4)

The lumber mill runs along the southern bank of the lake and takes up a nice chunk of the center of the map. It is hard to miss because it is full of warehouses, logs on trailers, and very angry scavs including the boss, Shturman, which carries a sniper rifle.

Escape From Tarkov Woods map guide - loot and key locations, extraction points, and more (5)

The eastern wall runs, as the name implies, along the eastern side of the map. Unlike the opposing wall on the west end of the map, the eastern wall only has basic scenery on the other side matching the rest of the maps aesthetic. it is unfortunate that another power plant could not be put in to make it match the western wall but it just wasn’t in the budget.

Escape From Tarkov Woods map guide - loot and key locations, extraction points, and more (6)

If you are roaming around lost in the woods and find a crashed airplane then you are on the southwestern side of the map. The plane is aimed towards the lake with the lumber mill to the right and the power plant to the left. The plane is a good way to get oriented if you get lost in the larger of the woods. It is also a great reference point for three good loot spots and some extraction points nearby.

Escape From Tarkov Woods map guide - loot and key locations, extraction points, and more (7)

The scav house is in the northeastern area of the map. It is an important spot for scav players. The scav house is a cabin surrounded by a fence and several scavs spawn in the area. It acts as an extraction point and a safe area for scavs. Aside from being a decent reference point, there isn’t a lot of loot aside from what is picked up from dead scavs. The scav house is useful for locating several extraction points and the ZB-014 bunker.

Escape From Tarkov Woods map guide - loot and key locations, extraction points, and more (8)

The mountains are on the southernmost area of the map across from the lumber yard. From the mountain range if you face the opposite direction you will be heading north. Head straight north and you will hit the lumber yard or the lake fairly quickly. The plane and the power plant is to the northwest, the eastern wall is to the east and the scav house is a sharp northeast close to the eastern wall.

North and slightly east of the mountains is a small mountain followed immediately by a short chain of mountains and some scav shaped bullet launchers. This is the mountain spine. The spine can be seen from a lot of the clear areas in the region. To the west is a clearing with a campsite that acts as a scav spawn. If you keep heading east from the spine you will come near the plane. If you follow the spine and keep heading north and west you will pass through trenches and an area with rubble and plenty of loot. Keep going and you will hit the main road running parallel to the powerplant.


The scavs for this map are pretty standard for the most part with a few notable exceptions. This is a popular map for ambushes and sniping for both players and AI.

There are a few sniper scavs that players should be wary of. The obvious ones are the boss and his followers, but there is also a sniper scav along the mountain to the south. The sniper scav likes to hang out in the easter part of the mountains partway up the rocks in a small forested area between the spine and an eastern clearing at the base of the mountains.

There is a small mountain between the southern mountains and the spine that is used as an ambush site by players and scavs. It is easy to walk into it without noticing and doesn’t have a lot of options for cover. It is easy to want to run into this area to put the mountain between you and the sniper scav in the southern mountain range. Some first-time players will do this thinking they can come back around and kill the sniper scav just to run into an ambush. The opposite problem also happens with some new players trying to avoid the ambush walking right into range of the sniper scav or other players. Just be aware of both and try picking them off separately before entering or just avoid the area altogether if you see someone else around.

There is another ambush location on the road to the lumber mill from the RUAF roadblock. A group of scavs patrols the road halfway between the mill and the roadblock waiting for anyone to come by


Escape From Tarkov Woods map guide - loot and key locations, extraction points, and more (9)

There are two keys to be found on this map and three locks. The first key is a Yotota key that can be found on scavs after killing them. The Yotota key unlocks a truck parked in the lumber camp next to three cabins, but there isn’t a lot of loot inside. The key isn’t really worth actively searching for but if you happen to end up with it and are going by the cabins go ahead and use it.

The Shturman key is found on the fresh corpse of the map’s sniper happy boss. The key unlocks a chest in the lumber yard sitting on a tire near the red skeletal warehouse. The chest is a common fund stash and can have some decent loot but the key is really most useful for the quest “Huntsman path – Woods keeper”

Escape From Tarkov Woods map guide - loot and key locations, extraction points, and more (10)

The final lock is for the ZB-014 bunker. The key is found on the Customs map in dorm 220 or in the pockets of scavs. More on the bunkers can be found below.

Boss – Shturman

Escape From Tarkov Woods map guide - loot and key locations, extraction points, and more (11)

Shturman and his followers are lovely fellows. Their hobbies include long walks around the lumber mill and taking long-range potshots at anyone trying to loot the area. Shturman has two followers and the trio usually spawns in the lumber mill in the center of the map. They tend to stick around that area on a clockwise patrol around the yard. These three really like long-range combat and are really good at it.

Both of the followers spawn with high caliber semi-automatic rifles and occasionally a VSS. They also tend to have between class 3 and class 6 armor vests and ammo for piercing all types of armor. They also carry hand grenades but do not use them as frequently as some of the other boss followers like Gluhar’s cronies over on Reserve. Typically the followers will only use the grenades if the player tries to charge them. The followers have enhanced accuracy and like to make heavy use of their longer range.

Shturman uses either an SVDS sniper rifle or an AK-105 assault rifle with a smaller selection of armor-piercing ammo than his followers. Occasionally Shturman also spawns with a red rebel ice pick which is very useful both as a melee weapon and for accessing certain extraction points in Woods and Reserve. Shturman also carries an access card for the Lab map.

Shturman and his followers typically try to engage at long range to protect the mill. They will use camouflage and hard cover to hide from attacking players and keep them at a distance. It isn’t common but sometimes one of the followers will sneak around and flank players while Shturman and the other follower keep players pinned down. Luckily the trio is horrible at close quarters combat. The best way to deal with them is to be aggressive. The three typically stay spread out so scout out the lumber mill before entering the area to get a good idea of where they are moving and what formation they are using. Close in on the boss first take him down at close range, the followers will be a bit easier after he is gone. Use the same strategy for the followers, track down their location, work your way towards them, and take them down at close range. Shturman has high chest health and the followers have decent chest armor but none of them wear helmets so headshots are preferred.

Loot locations

The best loot is, naturally, in the most popular and most scav infested location on this map, the lumber mill. There are several buildings in the mill and most of them have loose loot inside. There is also a lot of loose loot and a few weapon crates scattered around the mill too. Lots of scavs spawn in the mill and picking them off and looting them later can provide some decent loot.

A good spot within the lumber yard is on the southern side near the locked Yotota. Up against a steep hill are three cabins with a pickup out front with its hood up. These cabins tend to have good loot including a safe, a weapon crate, and a grenade box.

If you follow the road from the lumber yard to the east gate extraction point you will come across a checkpoint. There will be some scavs here but taking them out is worth looting the area. There are a couple of weapons boxes, a medical bag, some loose loot, and a shoreline key spawn at the checkpoint.

If you search the wooded area northwest of the checkpoint you will find a white circle drawn on the ground. Almost any item in EFT can spawn in the circle. The item inside the circle changes with each raid.

South of the eastern gate extraction point is a couple of big rocks forming a bit of an overlook. There are two weapons crates in the area worth looting.

South of the main road between the UN and RUAF roadblocks is a large grassy clearing with a bunch of rubble and concrete cylinders. The rubble hides some miscellaneous loot and a weapon box.

Heading east from the RUAF roadblock is a large rock with a couple of weapons crates beside it. There is also a duffle bag in the back of the pickup at the roadblock.

On the road between the RUAF and UN roadblocks is a bus stop with a duffle bag inside that might have some loose loot.

Heading south on the road going past scav house there is a cabin in the woods to the west. There isn’t a lot in it but weapon attachments do spawn in the cabin so it is worth checking.

There is a hidden cache in the mountain to the south. To get in just stick close to the wall of the mountain and follow it from one end to the other. Eventually, you will find a spot with a tree going back inside the mountain. This opens up into a small crevice with some decent loot inside including a weapon crate.


There are two bunkers available on this map, ZB-016, and ZB-014, that double as extraction points. Both of the bunkers have good loot available but ZB-014 needs a key to be used. The key for ZB-014 is found on the Customs map in dorm room 220 or on dead scavs.

Escape From Tarkov Woods map guide - loot and key locations, extraction points, and more (12)

ZB-014 is found on the east end of the map near the wall. It is between the east gate extraction point and the scav house. Just stick close to the easternmost wall and head north until you fall into it, if you start getting shot at you probably went too far and are near the scav house. This bunker has a weapon box and some miscellaneous loot and ammo scattered around. If there is a green light on above the door inside the locked room then the bunker can also be used as an extraction point but this is not always the case.

Escape From Tarkov Woods map guide - loot and key locations, extraction points, and more (13)

ZB-016 is already unlocked and can have some nice loot inside of it. This bunker is one the west side of the map to the northwest of the crashed plane. If you put your back to the plane while standing to the front of the left wing you will be facing the right direction. The bunker is in a flat spot at the bottom of some hills. The bunker has four wooden crates with some good loot inside. If you see green flare in the main room of the bunker you can use the bunker as an extraction point.

Popular spots

Near the RUAF Roadblock extraction point is a good sniping spot. heading away from the extraction point and towards the lake, there is a rocky area on the hill overlooking the lake. When there is good weather players can see clear across the lake making it a good spot for a long-range rifle. The area gives a clear view of several reference points including another good sniping position along the southern shore of the lake.

The mountain spine northwest of the southern mountains is another popular spot with snipers. The spine grants a decent view of the lumber mill and can be a good position to pick off any scavs or players in the area. Just be very careful if you try climbing the spine or the mountain because it is very easy to fall and end up with broken arms legs and other important bits.

Escape From Tarkov Woods map guide - loot and key locations, extraction points, and more (14)

There are two overlooks near the scav house that provide excellent sniping positions. The first is across the road from the scav house and gives a good enough view that you can snipe scavs and any scav players trying to use the house as an extraction point. With good weather, you can also target players moving along the eastern wall to the house, the bunker, or the outskirts extraction.

Escape From Tarkov Woods map guide - loot and key locations, extraction points, and more (15)

There is another overlook further down the road heading south of the scav house. There is a hill in the wooded area almost directly west of bunker ZB-014 and across the road. Northwest of the hill is a small cabin that can have weapons attachments making it a good spot to loot. The position on the hill is great because a lot of players move through the area the hill overlooks to get to an extraction point.

Escape From Tarkov Woods map guide - loot and key locations, extraction points, and more (16)

There is a rock near the east gate extraction point that makes a good sniping and ambush point. It overlooks bunker ZB-014. This position is great because it grants a clear line of sight to the surrounding area that a lot of players move through. The downside is that it is a bit conspicuous and there isn’t a lot of cover. Players can also sneak up on you if you are not careful.

Along the southern shore of the lake and slightly west of the lumber yard is a rock overlooking the lake. This is a popular sniping position as it gives a good clear view into parts of the lumber camp and along the shore near popular scav extraction points. This position is pretty popular so staying for a long period isn’t a great idea. The problem is that this position is really popular. Once you are on the rock and start sniping everyone and their great aunt Ruth is going to know you are there so staying for long isn’t always a good idea.

Extraction Points

Woods has 16 extraction points. Six can be used by everyone (1-6), two can be used by PMC only (7 and 8), and eight can only be used by scavs (9-16).

  1. UN Roadblock (ALL)- This extraction point is in the north-west corner of the map along the road leading to the factory and the RUAF roadblock. It is marked by a metal wall covered in graffiti with an open door leading out of the map. Just head through the door towards the lowered parking gate. This is the only extraction point that is available in every raid.
  2. Bunker ZB-014 (ALL)- This bunker is on the eastern end of the map between the east gate and the scav house. Just hug the eastern wall and head north away from the eastern gate. This bunker requires a key found on Customs in dorm 220. The extraction point is only accessible if the green light above the locked door is lit.
  3. South Vehicle Exit (ALL)- This extraction point is south of the lumber mill and just east of the mountain. You will notice a running black car parked inside the gate. This extraction point will cost 3000 rubles. Pay the driver and the extraction point will activate. This extraction point can only be used once per raid and only four players can be taken at a time. The big problem with this extract is that it takes a full minute for the extraction leaving you in one of the most open areas of the map.
  4. RUAF Roadblock (ALL)- This extraction point is on the opposite end of the road from the UN roadblock. This extraction isn’t always enabled. It can only be used if there is a flare emitting green smoke at the roadblock. There is a duffle bag in the bag of the pickup at this extraction point that can be looted.
  5. Outskirts (ALL)- This extraction point is on the east side of the map at the northernmost point. It is pretty straight forward. Just follow the main road north past scav house and don’t stop. Eventually, you will start heading out of the map and hit a small roadblock but the extraction point will have already triggered by then. Try to skirt wide of the cabin overlook or the scav house because there are bound to be players and scavs there looking for people trying to extract.
  6. Factory Gate (ALL)- This extraction point can technically be used by everyone but it requires a bit of work. PMC players need to make friends with a scav to be able to exit through the gate. Scav’s have the same requirement and need a PMC ally to use the gate. If you manage to find a player from the other team that won’t shoot you on sight this is a pretty useful extraction point. It is located on the northwestern side of the map halfway between the RUAF roadblock and the UN Roadblock. It is a large rust-colored gate that heads into the powerplant beyond the northwestern wall. This is in a really open with a lot of player spawn points but your new frenemy makes it easier to defend.
  7. Bunker ZB-016 (PMC)- This bunker is in the western region northwest of the plane crash on a flat area at the base of a hill. The crash is to the west of the spine. If there is a green flare in the bunker pouring out smoke then it can be used as a PMC extraction point.
  8. Cliff Descent (PMC)- This extraction has a few requirements. You will need a Red Rebel ice pick, paracord, and cannot be wearing any kind of armor vest. This extraction point is in the same location of some loot and a scav extraction point so be sure to scout the area before heading into it so you don’t run the risk of walking up on another player. Head to either end of the southern mountain. Hug the base of the mountain and follow it to the opposite end. Eventually, you will find a crevice with a tree in it. Inside the crevice is an alcove. The alcove is the extraction point. Just be sure to drop any chest armor you are wearing before you try to extract or it will not trigger. The crevice is almost directly across from the spine towards the mountain. If you came from the spine just hug the mountainside and head west.
  9. West Border (SCAV)- This extraction point is southwest of the ZB-016 bunker and west of the plane crash. Head towards the western border wall and follow it north. If you hit the old station you have gone too far. There is a break in the wall that you can walk through to another open area. It is difficult to spot from a distance due to vegetation so hugging the wall will help. The extraction point is the alcove inside the wall. Like the other extraction points in this area, it is close to several player spawn areas. Luckily there is enough cover to stay hidden while the timer counts down if you stay prone.
  10. The Boat (SCAV)- This extraction point is found on the eastern shore of the lake halfway between the lumber yard and the northern wall. It is on a dock with a sunken boat parked next to it.
  11. Scav House (SCAV)- The scav house acts as both a good reference point and an extraction point. This area is usually filled with scavs so it is pretty safe for scav players to exit using the house. If you show up and all of the AI scavs are dead approach with caution as PMC players might still be around looting them. The scav house is found in the northeastern area of the map. Nead north of the east gate and past the bunker to get to it. It is an old fenced-in cabin sitting on a hill. Head into the cabin to activate the extraction point. Be very careful as there are windows in the cabin that are in clear view of a few popular sniping positions.
  12. Outskirts Water (SCAV)- This point is at the northeasternmost point of the lake. Just head to the eastern shore and follow it north until you hit the map boundary wall. The extraction point is where the wall meets the shore.
  13. Old Station (SCAV)- This location is also close to several player spawn points. It is near the western wall of the map. From the ZB-016 bunker head west until you hit the boundary wall then head north. You will eventually come to a run-down brick building. Head inside to activate the extraction point. There is a train track that runs from the power plant through the northwestern half the map down to this extraction point. If you find train tracks in the northwestern area just follow them away from the power plant to get to this extraction point.
  14. Mountain Stash (SCAV)- This extraction point is also the location of a decent loot stash. head to the mountain on the southern side of the map. From either end hug the base of the mountain and follow it to the opposite end. Eventually, you will come to a crevice in the mountain wall with a tree in it. The crevice leads into an alcove with some loot. The alcove is the extraction point.
  15. East Gate (SCAV)- This gate is the first extraction point along the eastern wall. Follow the road east from the lumber mill or the southern vehicle exit. Just past the scav checkpoint the road forks. Stay to the right until you see a rust-colored gate on the eastern wall with bright red crosshairs painted on it. The gate is the extraction point.
  16. Dead Man’s Place (SCAV)- This extraction point is just north of the boat extraction point on the eastern shore of the lake. Hidden in an alcove made by a circle of boulders is a dead man and an extinguished campfire. The extraction point is basically on top of the old campfire.

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Escape From Tarkov Woods map guide - loot and key locations, extraction points, and more (2024)


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