Escape From Tarkov: Woods Map Guide (Extraction, Keys & More) (2024)

The Woods map may not be the largest map in Escape from Tarkov but, like the Factory Map, it requires the most amount of effort from the player’s side to learn its intricate layout.

This effort is made horrendously more difficult with how many trees look exactly the same as each other.

But do not fear, because by using this Woods map guide new and Pro players alike will be able to find their bearings far faster in this sprawling wilderness map.

Basic Layout of Woods Map

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The Woods map is perhaps the best map for players to engage in long-range battles. It has one central structure where most of this gun-fighting will occur—this is the Big Lumber Yard.

On the West side of the map from the Lumber Yard are a railroad and several rock formations. And on the east side, there are long straight paths that run from the North to the South of the map.

A quick way to orient yourself is to see these east-side paths, which let you quickly figure out where you have spawned.

You will have to be careful of the Sniper rock to the South, however, because there are always snipers stationed in this part of the Woods map and provide excellent vision along most of it.

All Useable Keys in Woods Map

There are a total of 3 keys that can be utilized when going into a run of the Woods map. These keys can be used to access extractions, loot, and quests.

1. ZB-014 Key

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This key can be obtained in the Woods map and its primary use is to open the ZB-014 bunker on the Western side of the map near Scav House.

You can find this key on the Flea Market in-game.

2. Shturman’s Stash Key

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This key can only be obtained from the Woods map. The primary method to obtaining this key is to defeat the Woods map main boss called Shturman (more details regarding him are provided later in the guide).

Once obtained, you can open up Shturman’s stash which can be located on top of a pile of lumbar near the Warehouse.

You can also buy this key on the market, but this is not recommended.

3. Yotota Car Key

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This opens the locked door of the pickup truck in the lumber yard. It can be found in random Jackets and bags of Scavs.

It can also be bought off the market but has no utility because even though the pickup truck might have some loot inside, it simply is not worth the wasted key slot.

Primary Spawn Locations

The biggest problem for new players when spawning into the Woods map is that you have no idea where you are.

Often, that means you quickly end up in the line of sight of an enemy PMC, get killed, and looted for all you got.

A tip then is to only take low-level gear with you as you begin to learn the layout of the map and gather your bearings.

1. Most Dangerous Spawn Locations

The spawns near Scav House to the South West of the map are perhaps the worst spawn points as they will force players to traverse into the Northern spawn points to reach objectives.

This creates a higher likelihood of being spotted and sniped by PMCs that are at vantage points that you simply cannot reach at that moment.

2. Easiest Spawn Locations

The spot with the best spawn points is the South East of the map because this area provides the most options for the player.

If you are in the South East spawn locations you can push up North into Old Saw Mill and gain loot and battles therein.

You can also choose to push straight West into New Sawmill and you can move slightly South West to reach Ambercomb camp.

This spawn point simply gives the most amount of variety to the player on how they want to approach and complete the map.

The second-best spawn points are near the Abandoned Town. In this spot, you can look around for valuable loot and can make a lot of money just farming this particular area.

All Extraction Points within the Woods Map

1. The Boat

This is a Scav only extracted and cannot be accessed using a PMC.

If you spawn into the Eastern side of the map then move from the Scav House directly to the water at the end of the map, you will find the extract beyond some rocks.

2. Dead Man’s Place

Right along the base of the water where you found the Boat extract and you will find a dead man. This is another Scav only extract called the Dead Man’s Place.

3. Outskirts Water

Moving even further beyond the point you found the dead body you can find another Scav only extract called Outskirts Water.

4. Outskirts

This is one of the extracts that are always available. It is for PMCs and Scavs.

5. Scav House

This is a Scav only extract with a lot of traffic from other PMCs in this area.

6. ZB-014

This requires the ZB-014 Key (mentioned how to obtain it above). This extract can be found on the South West side of the map.

You have to make sure that there is green smoke outside of this extract. This means the extract is active and can be looted.

7. Bridge Car Extract

This extract can be found on the North-Eastern part of the map. In order to access this extract, the player has to pay three thousand roubles.

8. Northern UN RoadBlock

This Extract can be accessed by moving Southward from the Bridge Car Extract.

9. ZB=016

This extract is found to the West of the Northern Road Block and can be found by moving to the East from the Saw Mill or central Lumberyard.

Important Locations in WoodsMap

There is quite a bit of detail that should not be glossed over when going through the Woods Map, specifically the various available loot in each spot.

1. West Bunker

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The Western Bunker is unsurprisingly found in the Western part of the Woods, more specifically if one travels north-west from the plane crash site. You can find four wooden crates in this area.

2. East Bunker

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Similar to the West Bunker, can be found in the Eastern part of the Woods, more specifically, northeast of the Ritual site.

In the area outside you can find a duffle bag. Inside the bunker, you can find a Weapon Box and 60 round 6L31 5.45×39 magazines.

3. Plane Crash Site

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The site can be found in the South Western area of the Woods and is west of the Lookout Rock. Nothing of value can be found here.

4. Lookout Rock

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The Lookout Rock can be found on the South section of the map and is oriented close to the center. It contains some amazing PvP loot.

5. RUAF Roadblock

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This can be found far north of the Lookout Rock and to the North-Western region of the Woods. You can find a duffle bag and two weapon crates.

6. Mill Lumberyard

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It can be found in the very center of the Woods map and is to the southwest of the Shoreline Sniper rock. Some incredible loot can be found here including:

Jackets, Duffle Bags, Grenade Box, a Safe, a Weapon crates, East Wing Room 308 Key, Lab. Violet Keycard and the Common Fund Stash.

The Boss

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The Shturman can be found inside of the Sawmill in the Woods map. He drops his Stash key and the Red Rebel Ice pick. He is usually accompanied by 2 heavily armed and armored guards.

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Escape From Tarkov: Woods Map Guide (Extraction, Keys & More) (2024)


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