Craigslist Catahoula Puppies (2024)

1. east TX pets "catahoula" - craigslist

  • PUPPIES! 5/21 hide. Seminole.

  • east TX pets "catahoula" - craigslist

2. austin pets "catahoula" - craigslist

  • pets · Marble Falls. Aussie/catahoula 1.5 years old · Rockdale. Catahoula/ridgeback mix puppies · more from nearby areas (sorted by distance) search a wider ...

  • austin pets "catahoula" - craigslist

3. tampa bay pets "catahoula" - craigslist

  • Looking for catahoula or Malinios puppy up to 4 months age. 6/30 hide. Middleburg. Catahoula Leapard Female. 6/28 hide. Lehigh acres. Free catahoula.

  • tampa bay pets "catahoula" - craigslist

4. jacksonville, FL pets "catahoula" - craigslist

5. dallas for sale "catahoula" - craigslist

  • Catahoula puppies. 6/10·Liberty TX. $100 hide. Catahoula 1. ••••••. Catahoula. 6/9 ... Catahoula Pit Puppies. 5/17·Martindale. $300 hide. Catahoula Cross Female ...

  • dallas for sale "catahoula" - craigslist

6. tulsa pets "catahoula" - craigslist

  • pets · Catahoula Pups. 6/16 hide · Locust Grove. Free puppies. 7/4 hide · Collinsville. Meet Buster & Hazel. 6/8 hide · more from nearby areas (sorted by ...

  • tulsa pets "catahoula" - craigslist

7. Catahoula Classifieds - Facebook

  • Catahoula Classifieds. 16K likes · 2 talking about this. ~The Online News, Market & Rescue Resource for Catahoulas ~ Feel free to post your Catahoula Ads...

  • Vedi post, foto e altro su Facebook.

8. san antonio pets "catahoula" - craigslist

  • pets · San Antonio. Catahoula Puppies. 6/3 hide · Castroville. Purebred Catahoula Puppies. 5/23 hide · more from nearby areas (sorted by distance) search a ...

  • san antonio pets "catahoula" - craigslist

9. Catahoula Leopard dog puppies for sale near me - Facebook

  • Catahoula Leopard dog puppies for sale craigslist. Catahoula Leopard dog puppies for adoption near me. Catahoula Leopard dog puppies for sale in texas

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10. Meet Our Dogs - Big Dog Ranch Rescue

  • View hundreds of dogs and puppies, both big and small, available for adoption. ... BreedFoxhound, English/Catahoula Leopard Dog; WeightMedium (20-59 lbs).

  • Interested in Adopting? We have hundreds of dogs and puppies (big and small!) at Big Dog Rescue Ranch. Your new best friend is waiting for you! Find you new dog, puppy, senior dog or rescue dog at Big Dog Ranch Rescue.

11. northwest GA pets - craigslist

  • German shepherd mix. 6/13 hide. Dallas. Catahoula Puppies. 6/13 hide. Summerville. Rottweiler mix puppies. 6/13 hide. Nw Georgia. Male Pug Puppy. 6/12 hide.

  • northwest GA pets - craigslist

12. Search Adoptable Animals - San Diego Humane Society

  • Dogs & Puppies, Birds, Fowl, Guinea Pig, Horse, Pig, Rabbit, Reptile, Rodent, Other ... Catahoula Leopard Dog, Chicken, Chihuahua, Chinchilla, Chow Chow, Doberman ...

  • Yrs ' + petWeeks + ' Weeks'; } else if (petYears === null) { petAge = 'Age Unknown'; } else { var petAge = '' + petYears + ' Yrs ' + petMonths + ' Months '; } var petIsCrossBreed = pets[i].Breed.IsCrossBreed; //console.log(petIsCrossBreed); if (petIsCrossBreed == true) { petIsCrossBreed = ' Cross'; } else { petIsCrossBreed = ''; } var petAnimalType = pets[i].AnimalType; if (petAnimalType === "Kitten") { var petAnimalType = "Cat"; } if (petAnimalType === "Puppy") { var petAnimalType = "Dog" } if (petAnimalType === "Chinchilla") { var petAnimalType = "Rodent" } if ((petAnimalType === "Crab") || (petAnimalType === "Fish") || (petAnimalType.toLowerCase().replace(/\s+/g, '') === "crab/fish") || (petAnimalType === "Goat") || (petAnimalType === "Insect") || (petAnimalType === "Arachnid") || (petAnimalType.toLowerCase().replace(/\s+/g, '') === "insect/arachnid") || (petAnimalType === "Sheep") || (petAnimalType === "Amphibian")) { var petAnimalType = "Other" } //var petBreedPrimary = pets[i].Breed.Primary.Name; var petBreedPrimary = pets[i].Breed.Primary; //var petBreed = petBreedPrimary + petIsCrossBreed var petBreed = petBreedPrimary; //var petLocation = pets[i].Location.PhysicalLocation.Name; var petLocation = pets[i].Location if (petLocation == 'San Diego Campus - 5480' || petLocation == 'San Diego Ca...

13. Adoptable Dogs - Sweet Paws Rescue

  • Catahoula Leopard Dog; Goldendoodle; Australian Shepherd; Hound ... "Will you call Jeanette and tell her someone left some puppies at the rodeo arena?

  • When you adopt you save 2 lives! We look forward to welcoming you into the Sweet Paws Rescue family.

14. puppies for sale in Dogs -

  • exquisite akc french bulldog puppies available from a reputable breeder! ... Catahoula Puppies. $200 Livingston, TN. 9 hrs. Pit Puppies! 10 hrs. Pit Puppies ...

  • Find dogs, puppies, and canine of all breeds for adoption in the Southeast US.

15. charlotte pets - craigslist

  • Adorable puppy for great home. $0 · Catahoula/Pit Bull Mix. $0 · I have 4 kittens. $0. GASTONIA · GCC Conure / Parakeet. $0. Lancaster · Needs A Good Home. $0.

  • charlotte pets - craigslist

Craigslist Catahoula Puppies (2024)


What two dogs make a Catahoula? ›

The Catahoula lineage was started when Hernando de Soto bred his mastiffs and greyhounds with the native red wolf creating a wolfdog, and then in the mid-1700s, French settlers crossbred those dogs with Beauceron dogs.

How much do Catahoulas go for? ›

Adoption: $50 - $500

If you do decide to adopt your puppy, take a look at our dog adoption checklist as you prepare to bring them home. On the other hand, choosing to purchase a Catahoula puppy from a reputable breeder usually comes with a higher price tag, typically falling between $600 and $2000.

Why not to get a Catahoula Leopard Dog? ›

Issues such as hip dysplasia, deafness, and eye problems have occasionally occurred in the Catahoula Leopard Dog.

What is the lifespan of a Catahoula dog? ›

The average life expectancy for Catahoula dogs is 10-14 years. With that in mind, a dog's lifespan can be affected by numerous factors, including their diet, exercise plan, health, and living environment.

Are Catahoulas aggressive? ›

They make a great companion for an active pet parent who enjoys running, hiking or long walks. But because of their aggression toward other dogs and their tendency to chase small animals, they may not be the best candidates for dog parks, and they should never be allowed off leash.

Do Catahoulas like to cuddle? ›

Are Catahoulas affectionate with family? If you are looking for a dog that's happy to cuddle up all day, the Catahoula is not your breed. These are highly active dogs that aren't demonstrative about love like a lapdog, but they do show love in their own ways.

Can Catahoulas be left alone? ›

It's not the type of dog that can be left alone to occupy itself and never need attention. We try to inform new owners of the problems that will occur with the breed if there is not enough exercise. A Catahoula is the type of dog that needs a job.

Are Catahoulas good house dogs? ›

The Catahoula leopard dog's temperament of affection and loyalty makes them generally good with kids. Overall, Catahoulas are protective, and can be a good family dog if you and your children love to do outdoor activities you can bring them along on. But this breed has a lot of energy and can be very independent.

At what age do Catahoulas stop growing? ›

The Catahoula keeps growing and maturing until about 2 years old, but it usually starts working like an adult at 9 to 10 months.

Do Catahoulas bark a lot? ›

Bored Catahoulas can bark up a storm and destroy your home and yard with their chewing. Providing enough socialization. Many Catahoula Leopard Dogs have protective instincts toward strangers.

What problems do Catahoula have? ›

Catahoulas are prone to a common condition called hypothyroidism in which the body doesn't make enough thyroid hormone. Signs can include dry skin and coat, hair loss, susceptibility to other skin diseases, weight gain, fearfulness, aggression, or other behavioral changes.

Will a Catahoula protect you? ›

They make excellent watch and guard dogs. They are assertive, strong and playful with their owners; however, they are wary of strangers.

Do Catahoulas like water? ›

Catahoulas have webbed feet and are fit for playing in the water. They should be introduced to water while they're young so that they can have fun in the water their whole lives. It's a great outlet for exercise and fun, and another way to keep your pup busy.

Are Catahoulas hard to train? ›

Most Catahoula Leopard Dogs are very trainable if you're firm with them, but some can have a devilish stubborn streak. To start, leash your dog up and take them on a walk outside. It's OK if they don't walk on the leash well yet. When your dog pulls on the leash, stand still and wait for them to stop pulling.

What two breeds make a Catahoula? ›

The Catahoula Leopard Dog is a mix of several breeds, including the Spanish Mastiff, the Bloodhound, and the American Dingo. They were originally used by Native Americans and French settlers to hunt wild hogs and cattle. Weight: 40-90 pounds. Height: 20-26 inches.

How to tell if your dog is a Catahoula? ›

The two most distinctive physical traits for the Catahoula Leopard Dog are both its coat and its eyes. The coat is most often mottled (hence the name “Leopard”), while their eyes can come in a variety of colors as well, and each one can be a different color.

What is a Catahoula pit mix? ›

🐶🐾 A Catahoula Pitbull Mix is a crossbreed between Catahoula Leopard Dog and a Pitbull.

Is a Catahoula a double coated dog? ›

Catahoulas have a single short coat that is smooth and varies in color and markings. They can also come in a range of coat colors and patterns, from red merle and brindle to solid blue and chocolate.

Is a Catahoula a mutt? ›

The term “cur,” by the way, refers to the lowest class of nameless or mixed-breed dogs, which means Catahoulas are a mutt of a breed, and therefore exhibit a range of sizes, fur textures, and colors.


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