Countdown to Saratoga: The 2024 Season Preview (2024)

The 2024 Saratoga Race Track season is shaping up to be an electrifying period for horse racing enthusiasts and competitors alike. With a plethora of races scheduled, including prestigious stakes events and the historical Belmont Stakes, this summer promises thrilling competitions and unforgettable moments.

This article delves deep into the intricacies of the upcoming season, breaking down the schedule, highlighting key races, and offering insights into what makes Saratoga a centerpiece of horse racing in North America.

2024 Saratoga Race Track Schedule: Opening Days and Weekly Racing Format
The 2024 Saratoga Race Track schedule kicks off on Thursday, July 11, and races through to Labor Day on September 2. The season starts with a bang during a four-day opening weekend, after which racing will take place from Wednesday through Sunday each week. This rhythm
continues until the final week, aligning with Labor Day, marking a deviation to accommodate the holiday festivities.

Stakes Races and Popular Days: Highlighted Races Throughout the Season
The stakes races are the jewels in the crown of the Saratoga season. Starting with the Schuylerville on July 11, the schedule is peppered with high-stakes competitions, including the Whitney and Travers Days, known for their high stakes and thrilling competition.

Each week brings a new set of challenges for the competitors, with races like the GI Diana, GI Coaching Club American Oaks, and the GI Alfred G. Vanderbilt Handicap standing out as key events for spectators and participants alike.

The Belmont Stakes Racing Festival: A Historic Shift to Saratoga
2024 marks a significant year as the Belmont Stakes, traditionally the third leg of the Triple Crown, moves to Saratoga for the first time on June 8, due to ongoing construction at Belmont Park. This historic shift is part of a broader four-day racing festival that begins on June 6, featuring over 20 stakes races, setting the stage for a spectacular summer of racing.

NYRA’s 2024 Racing Calendar: Comprehensive Racing Across Venues
The New York Racing Association (NYRA) has unveiled a comprehensive 2024 racing schedule, encompassing 195 live race days. Notably, Saratoga Race Course will host the summer meet and the Belmont Stakes Racing Festival, while Aqueduct Racetrack will accommodate the races usually held at Belmont Park. This adjustment ensures a continuous flow of top-tier racing action across New York State.

Live Racing at Aqueduct: Winter, Spring, and Spring/Summer Meets
Aqueduct Racetrack will host several meets throughout the year, starting with the 47-day winter meet. The schedule includes a mix of Thursday-Sunday and Friday-Sunday racing days, accommodating traditional holidays and providing a robust racing program leading up to the Saratoga summer meet.

The Return to Saratoga: A Summer of Premier Racing
As the calendar turns to July, all eyes will be on Saratoga Race Track for the start of the 40-day summer meet. This period is not just about racing; it’s a celebration of horse racing’s rich history and the passion that drives this sport.

The anticipation for Saratoga Race Track’s 2024 season is palpable, with fans and competitors alike looking forward to another summer of top-tier racing. Reflecting on last year’s spectacularshowdowns, this season is expected to deliver its own set of unforgettable moments. For fans, sports betting promos in New York represent a way to deepen their connection to the sport, turning each race into a personal stake in the game’s outcome.

Belmont at the Big A Fall Meet: Racing Continues in the Fall
After the excitement of Saratoga, the NYRA circuit moves downstate for the Belmont at the Big A fall meet. This 31-day event, running from September 13 through November 3, ensures that the racing action continues unabated, with a Thursday-Sunday schedule mirroring the dedication to providing consistent, high-quality racing experiences for fans and competitors.

Aqueduct’s Fall Meet: Closing the Year With Racing
The 2024 racing season concludes with the 26-day fall meet at Aqueduct, beginning on November 7 and wrapping up on December 29. This final stretch provides one last opportunity for racing enthusiasts to enjoy the sport before the year ends, showcasing the depth of talent and competition present in New York’s horse racing scene.

Anticipation Builds: Excitement for the Upcoming Season
The buildup to the 2024 Saratoga Race Track season reflects the deep-seated love and enthusiasm for horse racing shared by fans, competitors, and organizers. With a schedule packed with high-stakes races, the relocation of the Belmont Stakes to Saratoga, and the comprehensive racing calendar offered by NYRA, the 2024 season promises to be a memorable chapter in the storied history of horse racing in New York.

A New Home for the Belmont Stakes: The First-Time Move to Saratoga
In an unprecedented move, the $2 million Belmont Stakes will be hosted at Saratoga Race Course for the first time on Saturday, June 8. This change is due to the ongoing construction at Belmont Park. The Belmont Stakes Racing Festival, beginning on June 6 and concluding on June 9, not only includes the third leg of the Triple Crown but also features over 20 other stakes races, making it a monumental event in the racing calendar.

Embracing Tradition and Innovation: Saratoga’s Summer Meet Highlights
Saratoga’s summer meet is a blend of deep-rooted traditions and the introduction of new races that continue to enhance the reputation of this historic venue. The meet showcases a variety of stakes races, from Grade I events like the Whitney and the Travers to the unique allure ofsteeplechase competitions such as the GI Jonathan Sheppard. Each race brings its own story and excitement, contributing to the rich tapestry of Saratoga’s racing season.

Week by Week Racing Thrills: An In-depth Look at the Racing Calendar
The detailed week-by-week breakdown of the Saratoga schedule offers racing fans a clear view of what to expect throughout the summer. From the opening day with the Schuylerville to the closing festivities featuring the GI Hopeful, each week is packed with action. Highlighting races such as the GI Coaching Club American Oaks, the GI Alfred G. Vanderbilt Handicap, and the GI Travers provides fans with markers to look forward to, ensuring the season is filled with anticipation and excitement.

Aqueduct’s Integral Role: A Year-Round Racing Venue

Aqueduct Racetrack plays a crucial role in New York’s racing scene, hosting the winter, spring, and spring/summer meets. Its schedule complements the Saratoga summer meet, ensuring that the racing action never pauses.

Aqueduct’s versatility and ability to host races during different parts of the year make it an indispensable part of the racing community, bridging the gap between the climactic summer races and the year’s end.

Racing Beyond Saratoga: The Belmont at the Big A and Aqueduct’s Fall Meet
The NYRA circuit’s journey through New York continues with the Belmont at the Big A fall meet and concludes with Aqueduct’s fall meet. These meets not only extend the racing excitement beyond Saratoga’s summer but also highlight the state’s commitment to offering premier racing experiences throughout the year.

Each meet has its own character, contributing to the overall narrative of the racing season and providing continuous engagement for fans and stakeholders in the racing industry.

A Season of Unparalleled Racing: Looking Forward to the 2024 Racing Year
The 2024 racing season at Saratoga Race Track, complemented by the races at Aqueduct and the special Belmont Stakes Racing Festival at Saratoga, presents an unparalleled year of horse racing. This comprehensive schedule, rich with tradition, high stakes, and historic firsts, stands as a testament to the vibrant and enduring nature of the sport.

As anticipation builds, the racing community looks forward to experiencing every thrilling moment of competition, sportsmanship, and the sheer beauty of horse racing. The 2024 season promises not just races, but milestones in the continuing saga of this beloved sport.

Countdown to Saratoga: The 2024 Season Preview (2024)


What are the dates for the Saratoga racing season 2024? ›

The 2024 Saratoga Race Track schedule will begin on Thursday, July 11th and conclude on Labor Day, September 2nd. After the four day opening weekend takes place, live racing will be Wednesday through Sunday. All of this will take place as such except for the closing week, which will be the week of Labor Day.

How many days is the Saratoga meet? ›

The summer meet at Saratoga Race Course is 40 days long.

How long is Saratoga track season? ›

Saratoga Racetrack Facts

Saratoga is the highlight of the summer racing calendar on the East Coast. Beginning in late July, the 40-day meet runs through Labor Day and serves as challenging handicapping exercise with terrific betting opportunities.

What is the horse racing schedule for 2024? ›

Horse Racing
  • May 3 – 4, 2024. The Kentucky Derby. Churchill Downs, Louisville, KY.
  • May 18, 2024. Preakness Stakes. Pimlico Race Course, Baltimore, MD.
  • June 8, 2024. Belmont Stakes. Belmont Park, Elmont, NY.
  • Nov 1 – 2, 2024. Breeders Cup. Del Mar, Del Mar, CA.

Is the Belmont Stakes in Saratoga in 2024? ›

An American tradition inaugurated in 1867 at Jerome Park Racetrack and moved in 1905 to Belmont Park, 2024 will mark the first time the Belmont Stakes unfolds at Saratoga Race Course.

How much does it cost to get into Saratoga race track? ›

Saratoga Race Course Fast Facts:

Grandstand and Clubhouse Admission (one price starting in 2024): $7 daily when purchased at least 24 hours in advance; $10 day-of; general admission does not include reserved seating, which is separate. 2024 gate times: 11:00am each racing day (exception is Travers Day, which is 7:00am)

What is the biggest horse race at Saratoga? ›

The Travers Stakes is an American Grade I Thoroughbred horse race held at Saratoga Race Course in Saratoga Springs, New York.

What is not allowed at Saratoga Race Track? ›

Pop-Up Tents and umbrellas are prohibited on the Apron, along the Paddock, Horse Path, in and around the Clubhouse/Grandstand building and in the reserved picnic table area in the Backyard. NYRA Management reserves the right to remove items that obstruct views, impede fan safety, or feature competing sponsor logos.

How much does it cost to go to the Saratoga horse race? ›

For 2024, NYRA has announced that Clubhouse and Grandstand admission will be one price, so fans will have access to both. The cost is $7 daily when purchased at least 24 hours in advance, and day-of admission is $10.

What is the first day of racing at Saratoga? ›

The 2024 season for Saratoga Race Course begins with Opening Day on Thursday, July 11, 2024 and ends with Closing Day on Monday (Labor Day), September 2, 2024. After Opening Weekend, there are five days of racing each week all season long (the Track is dark on Mondays & Tuesdays), with the exception of Closing Week.

Where is the best place to sit at Saratoga Race Track? ›

I grew up going to the track, not a big gambler but enjoy a good bet and watching the horses. This was the first time we had grandstand seats, very good seats close to the rail, grat views of the whole track. Normally we just get a picnic table, bring a cooler and enjoy the day.

Is there racing in Saratoga in September? ›

2024 Racing Dates: July 11 – September 2

This season includes 19 Grade 1s and highlights the Grade 1, $1.25 million Runhappy Travers on August 24, and on August 3, the Grade 1, $1 million Whitney.


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